All uniforms should be of the regulation pattern.
i. White dress, well polished black shoes and clean white ankle length socks. Only white under
garments may be worn.
ii. House uniforms with white shorts and clean white canvas shoes, must be worn on P.T. days.
iii. Class XI and XII to wear white uniforms with school belts, and regulation shoes with ankle –
length white socks.

iv. Hair below shoulder length should be neatly plaited.
v. No coloured clips, bands or combs should be worn, only black colour is permitted.
vi. No jewellery except a pair of small ear studs or earrings may be worm. Any breach of this
rule will cause the attending articles to be confiscated and retained by the School.
vii. Finger nails should be neatly pared.
viii. Use of Mehendi, hair colour, makeup, kajal, nail polish, tattoo is not permitted under any