The school is affiliated to the La Martiniere for Girls. The well devised
curriculum aims to build up a reputation for academic excellence and
successfully guide the students to broaden their horizons and venture out
in the competitive world of today with confidence. The curriculum seeks to
develop a healthy mind together with a healthy body which is sought to be
achieved by the varied and versatile co-curricular activities of the school.
At the primary level (Classes I-V) a hands-on approach is practised which
helps to develop a spirit of enquiry. Language and numeric skills are
acquired through the teaching of specific subjects such as English, Hindi,
Mathematics, General Science, General Studies (History and Geography)
and Environmental Studies. Music, Physical Education and Art are all
interwoven into the curriculum.
The curriculum in La Martiniere for Girls diversifies the vista of studying the
three branches of Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) along with
Humanities subjects (History, Geography) thereby igniting the spirit of
exploring the wonders of scientific phenomenon in everyday life through
their multitudinous, activities and experiments in well equipped Science
Laboratories. At this level, focus on strengthening the language, numerical
and scientific skills lay the foundation for development of interest in relevant
course of study in higher classes.