The school is affiliated to the La Martiniere for Girls. The well devised curriculum aims to build up a reputation for academic excellence and successfully guide the students to broaden their horizons and venture out in the competitive world of today with confidence. The curriculum seeks to develop a healthy mind together with a healthy body which is sought to be achieved by the varied and versatile co-curricular activities of the school.

At the primary level (Classes I-V) a hands-on approach is practised which helps to develop a spirit of enquiry. Language and numeric skills are acquired through the teaching of specific subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science, General Studies (History and Geography) and Environmental Studies. Music, Physical Education and Art are all interwoven into the curriculum.

The curriculum in La Martiniere for Girls diversifies the vista of studying the three branches of Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) along with Humanities subjects (History, Geography) thereby igniting the spirit of exploring the wonders of scientific phenomenon in everyday life through their multitudinous, activities and experiments in well equipped Science Laboratories. At this level, focus on strengthening the language, numerical and scientific skills lay the foundation for development of interest in relevant course of study in higher classes.

Teaching Methodology

An innovative, child- friendly method of teaching is followed with special attention on individual potential. Apart from leading the students successfully on the path of academic excellence, the main aim is to help and guide the students to become well- rounded individuals and provide them the opportunity to blossom and realize their potential.

Our Faculty

At La Martiniere, teachers are the backbone of our education foundation. Their passion, qualification, experience and expertise enrich the learning experience of the students and contribute towards their holistic development. The La Martiniere teachers believe in integrated learning process wherein they combine classroom teaching with extra-curricular activities and help the learners become future ready.

In the La Martiniere, knowledge is disseminated through diverse sources and different teaching formats without compromising the core values of this institution. Be it school the Rector, Principal, Faculty Members, Librarians, Physical Education Instructor, Special Educator, Counsellor, Art, Music and Dance Instructors synthesize to create a unity in the entire learning process.



Mrs. Rupkatha Sarkar



Vice PrincipalMrs. S. Joshua
Head of Nursery Dept.Mrs. D. Rudra
Head of the K.G. & Primary Dept.Mrs. A. G. Biswas
Head of Middle SchoolMrs. K. Churiwalla


CharnockMs. R Sarkar / Mrs. M. Ganguly & Dr. R. Jain
HastingsMrs. M. Bose / Mrs. M. Mukherjee & Mrs. Z Khalid
MacaulayMrs. S. Ganguly / Mrs. A. Paull & Mrs. G. Brown
MartinMrs. S. Joarder / Ms. I.C.M. David & Mrs. A. S. Dutta


Food MatronMrs. C. Sum
MatronMrs. C. Rydquist (For Senior Boarders)
MatronMrs. J. Wells (For Junior Boarders)
Office StaffMedical Staff
Mrs. M. EngineerDr. F. Alam – Doctor
Mrs. M. AlvaNurses

Sergeant / Steward

Mrs. M. Biswas


Ms. A. Mary Anthony
Mrs. R. Agarwal
Mrs. B. Banerjee
Mrs. R. Bhatt
Mrs. M. Goswami Biswas
Mrs. G. Kaur Birgi
Mrs. M. Bose
Mrs. G. Brown 
Ms. C. Correia
Ms. B. Chowdhury
Mrs. B. Caleb
Mrs. S. Chakraborty
Ms. M. Chatterjee
Mrs. S. Chatterjee
Ms. S. Chopra
Ms. S. Dasgupta
Dr. T. Dasgupta
Mrs. A. Dave
Mrs. A. Dev
Mrs. S. Dhankani
Ms. R. Dhawan
Mrs. S. Deb
Mrs. A. Sengupta Dutta
Mrs. M. David
Mrs. A. Francis
Mrs. M. Ganguly
Mrs. S. Ganguly
Mrs. P. Ghosh
Mrs. S. Ghosh
Mrs. A. Gomes
Mrs. M. Gomes 
Ms. P. Gomes 
Mrs. A. Gupta
Mrs. R. Gupta
Ms. R. Gupta
Mrs. A. Gujral
Ms. M. Gulia
Mrs. N. Hassan
Mrs. A. Imran
Dr. R. Jain
Mrs. C. S. John
Mrs. P. R. Joseph
Mrs. S. Joarder
Mrs. D. Kapoor
Ms. R. Karmakar
Mrs. A. Khanna
Mrs. H. Kaur
Mrs. Z. H. Khalid
Mrs. H. Khan
Mrs. A. Khatoon
Mrs.S. Krishnan
Mr. S. Kundu Das
Miss R. Mahapatra
Mrs. V. Mathew
Mrs. S. Majumder
Mrs. D. Mallick
Ms. D. Mendes
Mrs. R. Misra
Mrs. A Mitra
Ms. P. Mitra
Mrs. I. Mitra
Mrs. R. Mukherjee
Ms. T. Mukherjee
Mrs. M. Mukherjee
Mrs. B. Ray Mukherjee
Mrs M. Pandey
Mrs. R. Pandey
Mrs. A. Paull
Mrs. C. Penn Anthony
Mrs. F. Pereira
Ms. C. Ann Pereira
Mrs. S. Podder
Mrs. J. Raphael
Mrs. L. Ravel
Mrs. S. Roy
Mr. P. Roy
Ms. B. Raychowdhury
Ms. A. Rozario
Mrs. I. Dutta Roy
Mrs. N. Sahakyan
Mrs. S. Saha
Ms. S. Sanyal
Ms. R. Sarkar
Mrs. D. Sarkar
Mrs. D. Sarkar
Mrs. R. Sen
Mrs. T.A. Sen
Mr. N. Sen
Mrs. S. Sengupta
Mrs. S. Sengupta
Mrs. A. Sengupta Dutta
Mrs. S. Sharma
Mrs. D. Sharma
Ms. M. Singh
Mr. A. Sinha
Mrs. S. Sinha
Mrs. S. Tarafder
Dr. G. Tewari
Ms. N. Trindade
Ms. N. Torcato
Mrs. S. Banerjee Walecha
Mrs. A. Zaki
Ms. S. Kaur

Academic Policy

At La Martiniere, studies are governed by variety of academic policies and procedures. Students are expected to familiarize themselves and follow the academic policies outlined below. We review and update these policies periodically to stay up-to-date and relevant in the context of effective information dissemination.

The academic policies and procedures formulated by the institute varies subject to the different academic levels in the school. In order to stay abreast with the latest policy changes students and parents are requested to check this page from time to time.

The parameters covered by the La Martiniere Academic Policy section is broadly outlined below: