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Major General Claude Martin


Major General Claude Martin

Born – 04.01.1735

Died – 13.09.1800

Claude Martin, the Founder of the La Martiniere Schools was born on 4th  January, 1735, in lyon, France.

He signed up with the French Compagnie des Indes and came to India, seeking his fortune. Later he enlisted in the Bengal arm of the British East India Company in1763.

A gallant soldier, he rose to the rank of Major- General in 1775 and moved on to become the mediator for the Nawab of Oudh and the British. Claude Martin amassed a huge fortune.

He was a man of vision and he left generous endowments for the founding of schools which have been established in Lyon, Lucknow and Kolkata.

Major General Cloude Martin passed away on 13th Sept, 1800. La Martiniere, Kolkata was finally opened on 1st March, 1836. Originally a single school, it was housed in what is today the boys’ school campus. In 1840, La Martiniere for Girls become a separate entity…and since then there has been no looking back.


Rupkatha Sarkar

Principal, La Martiniere for Girls

Principal's Message

La Martiniere for Girls is deemed one of the best Girls’ Schools in the nation. A heritage institution that has served the cause of education for 184 years, established in 1836 by Frenchman major general, Claude Martin. A postage stamp was released by the Department of Posts, Government of India during the 175th year celebrations to acknowledge service rendered by the school to society,

The Mission statement of the school is to educate the girl Child and build character so that she will contribute to the making of a more equitable and progressive society.

From Lower Nursery to Class XII, the focus is on a holistic and pragmatic approach to learning with hands-on experience in every sphere of school life. The School is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations conducting ICSE and ISC Examinations.

At present, the student strength is about 2800 with a large playground where every girl enjoy her childhood with opportunities to realize her innate potential. There is a plethora of co-curricular activities like basketball, swimming, tennis, football, debate, Duke of Edinburgh, Guides, school band, music, art, drama, orchestra, robotics, photography, international school partnerships and community service. There are several clubs like Science, Nature and Interact to engage the students in creative pursuits. This results in students developing into well balanced, confident and empathetic individuals.

Senior students receive appropriate career guidance to find their future careers and courses for higher education and research.

By the will of our Founder, Major General Claude Martin, the School takes care of sponsored children called Foundationers from marginalized backgrounds of society, thereby fulfilling its commitment to values of compassion and service to humanity.

The distinguished Alumni are globally excelling in their area of work and are worthy ambassadors of La Martiniere.

The School believes in raising woman of substance who are ready to give back to society in their own way. The School is committed to fulfilling the ‘’Labore et Constantia’’, to labour with constancy.

Vive La Martiniere!


The La Martiniere Legacy

The rich heritage of La Martiniere is not measured merely by the passage of time. La Martiniere has evolved, in its journey since 1836 striving always to fulfil the vision of the Founder, Major General Claude Martin, to provide holistic education to the youth, enabling them to be responsible and worthy citizens of India.

At the heart of this vision of the Founder lies compassion and the sprit to give. From its inception, La Martiniere has provided education to the Foundationers whose needs, including their stay in the hostel, are provided for by a trust fund created for this purpose. One such student, Sir Paul Chater, who received his education under the provisions of this trust fund, became the Founder of modern Hong Kong. Having imbibed the true Martinian spirit, he became a generous benefactor of the schools helping La Martiniere to consolidate and validate its philosophy

The hostel at La Martiniere continues to provide a second home for many children including the Foundationers. Here they are nurtured and groomed to help them reach their best potential.

La Martiniere is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, which conducts the ICSE and ISC Examinations in Class X and XII. Spread over acres in the heart of Kolkata, La Martiniere for Girls offers all the amenities for the 21st Century learning such as libraries, laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, biology, Home Science, Art, Music, Computer Science, audio visual theatre, teaching aids for effective learning, large playground, basketball court, swimming pool and spacious auditoriums.

Activities which enhance the qualities of the spirit and the body are as important as academic learning. The creative, communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills are honed through numerous co-curricular activities. Students excel in various sporting activities at the national and international levels producing many well-known sports person.

Students of La Martiniere work untiringly, in tandem with organizations to enhance environmental awareness, to preserve the rich resources of Nature and promote sustainable development.

As far back as the late 18th century, the Founder, Major General Claude Martin has shown his concern and care for those who were marginalized in society. He had created a fund which provided for the rehabilitation of convicts, to enable them come back into mainstream society. In keeping with this vision, La Martiniere provides scope of service to society through club activities. Students work closely with Institutions such as Manovikas Kendra, The Little Sisters of the poor, Shishu Bhawan, Ment-aid, to name a few. La Martiniere founds and administers a training unit named SEOMP (Self Employment Oriented Multi-Purpose Project). This unit gives vocational training to adults who have been unable to continue with and complete their education. They train in crafts and technical work and so gain employment with larger organizations or become entrepreneurs themselves.

The contribution of school to society has been recognized by people of stature in their own fields. The Late Dr. B.C. Roy, the renowned Chief Minister of West Bengal, the Late Shri Joyti Basu, legendary politician and erstwhile Chief Minister have both graced the school with their presence. The 150th years’ celebration of the school was presided over by the then President of India, Shri Giani Zail Singh. As the Founder came from France, and having a French connection, the then President of France, President Mitterand visited the school on his visit to the country.

On the 7th of May 2012, the school was honoured by the visit of Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the then Secretary of State – USA. This was indeed a memorable day for the school.

NASA Astronaut William A. Oefelein, commander USA, visited the school in November, 2013. He was the team leader who piloted the Space Shuttle that took Sunita Williams into space. He inspired the students with accounts of his space travel for humanity and peace.

The Dean of Westminister Abbey, UK visited the school on 25th January, 2016 and Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen, the renowned Economist on 10th July, 2017. These visits have enriched the lives of the students.

The pupils graduate from the four walls of La Martiniere  to larger arenas in the world doing their Alma Mater proud. Some of the well-known alumni include Ann Lumbsden – former Olympian and first woman Arjuna Awardee for Hockey; Nafisa Ali – eminent swimmer and social activist, Mausam Noor – Member of Parliament; Dr. Shashi Panja  –  Member of Legislative Assembly and many artists, doctors, lawyers, engineers and women in development work.

La Martiniere shapes women of substance. Some are well known, others have contributed in quieter ways. But all have done their bit to build stable communities, for only a stable foundation will lead the country to grow from strength to strength.

La Martiniere has developed links with schools and universities globally. It has truly blended global education with strong local roots. The students learn to think internationally, while upholding their own rich cultural heritage. Exchange programmes are organized to enrich the curriculum.

At the closing ceremony of the 175th year celebration, the Dept. of Posts, India issued a commemorative stamp to acknowledge the contribution of La Martiniere Schools, Kolkata in the field of education. The School is deemed as one of the best Girls’ Schools in the city of Kolkata and the nation.

In the 182nd year, the school looks forward to building children of character who will put back into society as much as they have taken, so as to build a world that is both equitable and progressive.

                                                                       VIVE LA MARTINIERE

Educating the Girl Child and building character so that she will contribute to the making of more equitable and progressive society.

“Labore Et Constantia”

‘’By Labour and Consistency’’


This was designed by major General Cloude Martin himself. It is supported by seven flags each bearing the design of a fish, the emblem of Oudh. These flags represent his journey over ‘’the seven seas’’ to India. The devices on the escutcheon (shield) epito-mise Cloude Martin’s career: the ship recalls his voyage to India where, centre of the shield, he firmly established his fortunes in Oudh, as an officer of the East India Company. This is represented by the lion with the pennant. The setting sun behind the castellated building on the right of the shield, indicates the sunset of his days and the important part which the building of  ‘Constantia played in his twilight years. Since then there has been no looking back.

Sir Catchick Paul Chater

(08.09.1846 – 27.05.1926)

Sir Catchick Paul Chater was a Foundationer who studied in La Martiniere from 1856-1863. A hard working and brilliant scholar, he launched on a career in Commerce and became a very rich, famous and deeply respected Banker in Hong Kong. His legendary philanthropy earned him a knighthood from the British Crown. When he learnt that the La Martiniere Schools were in deep financial distress and on the verge of closure, he sent his Alma Mater a generous donation of Rs. 6 lakhs in 1925 and Rs. Five lakhs, the following year. To perpetuate the name of Chater, a grateful Martinian included his name in the school prayer and an annual holiday was named after him as “Chater Day”.


1.45 – 2.30 p.m. Dormitory Bath, Shoe-cleaning mending etc.
2.40 – 3.40 p.m. Study
4.45 p.m. Tea
5.30 – 7.00 p.m. Study – All Children sit in the Library
7 p.m. Supper
8.30 p.m. Night Prayers and Lights out


2.30 – 4.30 p.m. Study
4.30 p.m. Tea
4.45 – 5.45 p.m. Games
6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Dormitory Bath, Shoe-cleaning mending etc.
7 p.m. Dinner
8.30 p.m. Night Prayers and Lights out


6.15 a.m. Rising Bell
6.55 a.m. Bell for making beds
7.00 a.m. Bell for Hospital Attention
7.20 a.m. Inspection
7.30 a.m. Breakfast
8.00 – 11.00 a.m. Class – 1st Session
11.00 – 11.20 a.m. Mid Morning Break
11.20 – 1.20 p.m. Class – 2nd Session
1.20 – 1.45 p.m. Lunch


Vive La Martiniere


Hail ! Hail ! the name we own,
Hail! To the giver;
Blessing and bright renown,
Be his forever !
All his martial deeds may die,
Lasting still his charity;
This his Laurel blooms for aye
Dead he lives in us to-day.
This then our song shall be,
As we chant his eulogy-
“May our Founder’s name endure
Ever spotless, ever pure”


Faithful may we ever be,
Followers of his constancy;
Firm of hand against the foe,
Soft of heart to succour woe.
This then our song shall be,
As we chant his eulogy-
“May our Founder’s name endure
Ever spotless, ever pure!”


O Almighty God and most merciful Father who has taught us to praise Thee, as well for the dead as the living.

We thank Thee for Claude Martin, Our Founder, for Paul Chater, our benefactor, and for the lives and examples of all who have served Thee in this School. Pour down Thy blessing, we pray Thee, upon those who are now here. Prosper our labours, as Thou in Thy wisdom seest to be best for us. Protect us, we beseech Thee, from all things hurtful both to soul and body. Preserve us by thy Holy Spirit from sin and selfishness, and make us generous and brave, pure and true, in all our work and in all our play, that our task being sanctified by Thy love, our days here may be attended by Thy blessing; and that when our day’s work on earth is over, Thou mayest send us rest from our labours, under the shadow of Thy wing; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Rules & Regulations



  1. Girls are expected to be punctual at all times. They will not be permitted to enter the school gate if they are late. They should be on time for Assembly at 8.00 am.
  2. On being absent, a leave letter from the guardian must be submitted to the class teacher, clearly stating the reason for absence.
  3. In case of illness the Principal must be notified in writing by the third day, and the anticipated time of absence mentioned.
  4. Girls absent from school on medical grounds must produce a letter or an entry in their school diary from parents or guardian when they rejoin. This must be supported by a medical fit certificate.
  5. Girls affected by infectious diseases, or exposed to such diseases in their homes, must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school. This should be indicated on the medical certificate.
  6. Minimum 90% attendance per term is required.
  7. Every child must be present on the first day and last day of each school term to qualify for enrolment in the next class in the new year.
  8. Please do not phone the school on days when there is heavy rain, suspension of public transport or any other emergency. School will continue for those girls who are present.
  9. There is no such thing as a half day leave for students. If an appointment is made with a doctor, the girl must not be sent to school on that day. Requests to send girls home early after unit tests will be automatically turned down.
  10. The school does not provide for any re-testing for class assignments, unit tests etc. Which are missed due to absence.
  11. All leave other than sick leave must be sanctioned by the Principal.
  12. Girls absent for more than 1 week without prior sanction are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls.


  1. Any attempt to use unfair means during examination is strictly prohibited.
  2. No study / digital material like books / paper / mobile phone etc. may be carried inside the examination hall.
  3. Each child must carry her own stationary. No borrowing or lending of stationary will be permitted.
  4. No writing on the question paper shall be permitted.
  5. All bags must be kept outside the examination hall.
  6. All students must come to school in proper school uniform on all days of examination.
  7. All instructions given prior to examination must be strictly adhered to.


All uniforms should be of the regulation pattern.

  1. White dress, well polished black shoes and clean white ankle length socks. Only white under garments may be worn.
  2. House uniforms with white shorts and clean white canvas shoes, must be worn on P.T. days.
  3. Class XI and XII to wear white uniforms with school belts, and regulation shoes with ankle – length white socks.
  4. Hair below shoulder length should be neatly plaited.
  5. No coloured clips, bands or combs should be worn, only black colour is permitted.
  6. No jewellery except a pair of small ear studs or earrings may be worm. Any breach of this rule will cause the attending articles to be confiscated and retained by the School.
  7. Finger nails should be neatly pared.
  8. Use of Mehendi, hair colour, makeup, kajal, nail polish, tattoo is not permitted under any circumstance.



La Martiniere for Girls lays special emphasis on the holistic development of the student, especially on the moral, ethical and social development of each child entrusted to us. Every student is, therefore, expected to behave in a manner befitting the true Martinian values and spirit, while on the premises and outside school, especially when they are in school uniform.

Disrespecting school regulations, disobeying and disrespecting teachers and ancillary staff, and indiscipline of any form will be dealt with, according to the seriousness and gravity of the offence, in the manner outlined in the following sections:


  1. The use of unfair means and / or possession of unauthorised material in any examination will result in the annulment of a girl’s entire term results. A girl who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will therefore share in the punishment. Due weightage will be given to each terms’ assessments for deciding promotion to the next higher class, in respect of these girls. Repetition of such an offence will result in the immediate and automatic removal of the offender’s name from the School rolls.
  2. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful towards the school and school authorities, including teachers and other ancillary staff members. Any misconduct in this regard will be dealt with in accordance with the procedure mentioned in Category 2.


According to the gravity of the act, the various misdemeanours and offences have been categorised under:

Category I

  1. Attending school in improper uniform and non-compliance with the school rules regarding grooming and uniform.
  2. Habitual absenteeism and late arrival
  3. Any attempt to undermine the sanctity of the School Assembly.
  4. Improper maintenance of books and exercise books, untidy work, neglecting home works/tasks etc. (except in such instances where the student is diagnosed by a professional as having a kind of Learning Difficulty, supported by relevant documents)
  5. Use of foul abusive / un-parliamentary language (in English or vernacular)
  6. Possession of any amount in excess of Rs. 50/- per day, except for a particular reason like ordering of uniform, purchase of diary, payment of club fee etc.
  7. Possession and / or use of electronic equipment like cameras, tablets, i-pods, i-pads, laptop, cell phones and mp3 players, except with prior permission from the concerned authority for a school related event.
  8. Possession and / or use of expensive watches, pens, pen drives, CDs, firecrackers, pen knives including Swiss Army Knives and other electronic device is strictly forbidden.
  9. Causing disturbances and disruptions during class hours, persistently quarrelling and / or fighting with classmates and other students.
  10. Consistent deterioration in academic progress.

A first time offence will result in a ‘warning’ to the student. Subsequent misconduct will result in two warning letters, leading to possible suspension. Three warning latters may lead to expulsion, at the sole discretion of school authority.

Category II

  1. Stealing
  2. Disrespecting and disobeying teachers, other superiors and staff members.
  3. Tampering with marks and comments in the Progress Report, Project Work and examination Answer Scripts
  4. Forging parents’ signature
  5. Defacing and / or damaging school property
  6. Leaving the school premises before 1:20 p.m. without a gate pass issued by the competent authority.
  7. Missing a class / classes, without the knowledge and / or permission of the teacher concerned or competent authority
  8. Entering or attempting to enter, while in uniform , or otherwise, the LMB school campus, is strictly forbidden, except with permission and allowance for attending a school programme, function or school-authorised event.
  9. Any other conduct injurious to the ethical tone of the school or incompatible with the school rules discipline.
  10. Riotous, indecent or unruly behaviour.

Two  ‘’Category II’’ warning letters in the same academic year OR one ‘’Category II’’ warning letter in two consecutive academic years, may lead to expulsion.

Category III

A student is liable for temporary suspension, for a period to be decided by the Principal, or expulsion, without issuance of any warning letter, for the following-

  1. Causing discomfiture, injury or distress – physically and / or mentally – to anyone deliberately, inside or outside the school premises
  2. Wilful destruction of school property or utility services
  3. Violent conduct, including manifestation of criminal or suicidal tendencies
  4. Consuming or keeping in possession any drug, alcohol, tobacco or related / similar substances in the school premises or entering the school premises under the influence of any of the above and / or in an inebriated state.
  5. Carrying into the school premises or being in possession of any inappropriate or objectionable object, article, material, substance, picture etc- physically or by way of clips, in a mobile phone or any other electronic gadget or resorting to ragging, bullying or committing any immoral act within the school premises,
  6. Involvement in any prosecution under the Indian Penal Code
  7. Any concerted attempt to subvert the policies and practices of the school or any effort to undermine the school administration / operation
  8. Any other such act(s) and / or behaviour – inside the school and outside its premises- which, in the opinion of the school authorities, is deemed to be dangerous for the safety of the fellow students or is detrimental to the interest and image of the school.
  9. Any conduct/behaviour subversive of good discipline.


Students may be referred to the in-house professional counsellors and / or special educators, or may be referred to similar experts outside the school (at cost to be borne by the parents), based on inputs and feedback received from Parents / Class Teacher / Subject Teacher / Section Heads and other school authorities. This is done solely for the benefit of the student and should not be regarded in any way as a request to withdraw the child from school. The advice of such professionals shall be binding on the parents / guardians.

The Principal may, in the interests of the School, have a student’s name removed from the school rolls if, in the opinion of the former, the student has failed to adhere to the discipline of the school and her continued presence is detrimental to the interests of the other students and / or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of her class when the detention of the girl in the same class would make her too old for the class.

General Information


  1. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal by designation, and not by name.
  2. Kindly quote the Registration number of the student in all correspondence with the school.
  3. No appearance on public media in the nature of commercial endorsements is allowed without prior approval of the Principal.
  4. Parents / Guardians are requested to sign the Progress Report in the appropriate place in proper time and to note the number of days the girl may have been absent during the term.
  5. Parents / Guardians are also requested to notify the school of any change in address, and telephone / mobile number.
  6. The school is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. Girls are discouraged from bringing valuables, money or wearing any form of jewellery to school.
  7. Parents and Guardians are NOT allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school hours. Teachers can be seen either before school or at the end of school after taking a prior appointment.
  8. Project work in any subject which is submitted for evaluation or competition will thereafter become the property of the school.
  9. Should a student be injured during class time or fall sick, the school will make every effort to contact the parent first. However, in case this is not possible the school authorities will take necessary measures, as deemed fit.
  10. Parents / Guardians are requested not to give any gifts / donations in case or kind towards social work for Clubs and organisations to any teacher or staff member without an authorised letter from the management.

“In terms of Supreme Court’s Order dt. 12th April, 2012, in the Writ Petition No. 95 of 2010 and Order dt. 6th May, 2014, in the Writ Petition No. 416 of 2012, La Martiniere for Girls is not covered under the RTE Act, 2009, being an “Unaided Minority Institution.”



  1. Parents / Guardians are permitted to visit their daughters / wards between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on Satardays and Sundays. Boarders may leave the school premises with approved escorts only.
  2. Those going out for the weekend may be picked up from school between 1.20 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. or between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. only on Fridays or on Satardays when the same is a working day. Girls are expected to be back in School on Sunday evening by 5:30 p.m.
  3. All boarders must be back in the Hostel a day before school re-opens as mentioned in the School Calendar by 5:30 p.m.
  4. Visitors are not permitted inside the dormitories.
  5. In case of illness, every possible care is taken in the school infirmary. As soon as the girl is admitted into the School infirmary, parents are informed at once. However, should the School doctor feel that a child be taken to hospital, the School will do so even before parents can be informed.
  6. Boarders are permitted to go home only on specified weekends of every working month.
  7. Boarders will leave for Term Break after the Final Exam Reports have been issued.
  8. The hostel will remain closed during Ester, Summer,Term Break and Winter holidays.
  9. Boarders are allowed to use their mobile phones on Satardays as per regulations.
  10. Any three reported misdemeanors will result in the student being sent home for a week.


  1. Private tuitions are discouraged except in special cases.
  2. Parents wishing to arrange private tuition for special cases, should not approach teachers directly. A request application should be made to the Principal, giving full details of their wards and reasons why they consider it necessary to arrange tuitions.
  3. No request for private tuition in Nursery and Primary School will be entertained.
  4. The Principal may amend these rules, if required, during the course of an academic year. In the interest of their wards and the School, parents are requested to conform to the above rules.
Sports Senior Section


  • Every student must wear an Identity card (giving her name, parent / guardian’s name, address, class, phone number, blood group and other details).
  • Each student must be instructed to memorize the phone number of her parents / guardian.
  • The students are advised not to purchase food from hawkers near the school premises.
  • Students should not accept eatables from any strangers or befriend them.
  • Students are required to cooperate with all staff and security personnel in matters pertaining to their safety and security. If found in areas that are out of bound for them they will be directed to return to their class and must comply.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from borrowing/using mobile phones is and around the school premises.
  • Escort card and a Photo identity must be carried by the person who comes to collect a student (class V and below) from school.
  • A student is not allowed to leave the classroom without a written consent from class / subject teacher.
  • Students attending Resource classes are not permitted to leave the school premises until 4:00 p.m.
  • Students who reach school before 7:30 a.m. will report to the following venues:- (I)  Constantia building – Classes I & II  (II)  UNC (classroom) – KG  (III)  School Library – Classes III to XII
  • Students must seek help / raise an alarm if they feel threatened or insecure by an individual.
  • Students must not speak to strangers or become overly familiar with ancillary staff.
  • No driver may enter any school building for any reason.
  • Students may distribute sweets for birthday only during the morning break.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from using the toilets at the school gates reserved for the use of visitors.

Students must follow safety guidelines and be alert to ensure their personal safety



Principal’s Office


8.30 a.m. – 1.40 p.m.

2.40 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Notice To The Parents

Annual Sports

1. The School Fees for the students will be realized through ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) in association with M/s. Tech Process Solutions Ltd. (a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Ltd.)

2. This ECS is applicable to all day Scholars (Full paying as well as Concessional).

3. Boarders and Foundationers may continue to pay the School Fees in the School office.

4. Students paying School Fees through ECS will not be given any Fees Book. However, at the end of the academic year, for Income Tax Purpose, a receipt will be given, on request.

5. PAYMENT GUIDELINES : The School Fees will be debited from your Bank Account on a quarterly basis as per the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE.

1st Quarter (Apr to June) between  17th to 20th June 2019
2nd Quarter (July to Sept.) between  27th to 30th August 2019
3rd Quarter (Oct. to Dec.) between 21st to 24th Oct. 2019
4th Quarter ( Jan. to March) between  28th to 31st Jan. 2020

Please ensure that the Bank Account from which the ECS will be processed is sufficiently funded so that there is no return of ECS.

6. PENALTY : Please ensure that your ECS mandate is not returned for any reason whatsoever. For each return (in-sufficient fund), a penalty of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) will be levied.


  • In case of students being withdrawn from the school, fees upto the nearest quarter have to be cleared to obtain the Transfer Certificate from the date of application for withdrawal, subject to the conditions mentioned in clause (ii)
  • The date of application for withdrawal should not be less than 30 days from the date of withdrawal. In case of notice period of less than 30 days, fees for current and next quarter has to be paid.
  • In the event of a boarder being withdrawn from boarding, parents are required to give clear three month’s notice of such intent in writing or pay three month’s boarding fees in lieu thereof.
  • In the event of a boarder being withdrawn from the School rolls, the boarding and tuition fees will be payable up to the end of the term which will, in any case, not be less than three month’s boarding and tuition fees.
  • If a student is admitted into the School and leaves during the first year, (i.e. the year of admission) the parents of such a child will be required to pay one years fees, (academic year April 2019 – March 2020).

8. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE:The School Authorities reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to issue a Transfer Certificate to any student, without assigning any reason whatsoever.
This is without prejudice to any other clause governing issue of Transfer Certificate, under the School rules and regulations.


Telephone   :  (033) 4040-6607

Fax                :  (033) 2283-4101

e-mail           :  lamartinierefees@gmail.com




Parents desirous of paying full years fees are required to give an application with the details of their ward. The application must reach the Central Accounts Office, latest by 10th May, 2019.

Sports Junior Section



NameDesignation / Qualification
Mr. Supriyo Dhar Secretary – MBA, HRM, LLB
Mr. Ritesh SarkarBursar – B.Com
Mr. Ranjan ChakrabortyOffice Secretary – B.A.
Mr. Siddhartha Kumar BasuSenior Assistant – B.Com.
Mr. Biswajit MukherjeeSenior Assistant
Mr. Suman Sanyamat Clerk of works (Tech) B.Sc. D.C.E.
Mr. Arijit SenJunior Assistant B.Com.
Mr. Santanu Biswas Junior Assistant B.Com. (H)